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Suju Hangeng (boredom again lol)

ok soo like we had a ap world civ quiz and I died....lol
but at the end I still had time I couldn't do anything else with the quiz....sooo....like when I'm always bored or has nothing else to do...though I could have tried to study for the next quiz that I had coming up I decided to draw instead ^^

Crying Hangeng

Yes it looks sad, and no I wasn't in a sad mood while drawing it ok maybe I was cause of the quiz but anyways... but yeah.... I was trying to draw Yesung...then it started to look like Sungmin....then in the end...to me...he looks like Hangeng now....lol
Tell me who you think it looks like lol I want to know what you peoples think XDDD
hope you like it <3
I have that necklace!!!!XDD