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Together With Song Chapter 1

Title: Together with Song
Pair(s): KyuRy…and maybe others if you look…
Rate: PG-13 maybe….really bad at rating
Summary A song that bought two unlikely people together. One not even knowing, that it would end up like it would when they do finally meet.
Author Notes: This is my second Suju fic…
Sooo like I have other fics that I should be working on… and have put off for too long… which is kinda bad… But I needs to get this out of my system…or I can’t think of anything else but the plot for this…until…it’s over lol X3
Well I hope you enjoy. BTW thank youtube for this story ^^ after I made a connection between the two XPPPP they’re at the end of the page btw if you want to know what videos I’m talking about X3

“nagareru namida wo toki no kaze ni kasanete”

Walking through Super Junior’s Apartment, it was strange to hear Japanese being sung. But in this case, with this person, it didn’t really matter. That went with everyone else in the house. The voice was just that lovely, from being in their language, or in any other kind of language.

It had been a year, but Kyuhyun would still listen to that one song from X Japan, Tears. It was beautiful, and after looking up what the lyrics had meant it became something even more. Him learning part of this song had help them some with a mission that they had to do during a mini drama that they were doing. Kyuhyun sang the song and completed the mission, somewhat. Never could a person say that a song changed their live, maybe some, but non like what it was going to happen with the life of Kyuhyun.

It all happened/started when Kyuhyun was finally able to get out of the hospital and rejoin Super Junior. Just in time for their next coming album. Don Don. All his hyung where also excited about the new album and that he would be joining them again. They could become whole once more. But someone else was also going to join in with the group and with the opening of their song Don Don in their MV. It would be the first time that they would meet the new kid and they were all curious with this kid.

They had heard that he came from Canada and that he was Chinese. Hangeng, was totally up for this idea, of another Chinese dude to be in the group…even if they weren’t really from China its self. However they weren’t allowed to meet him until his part of the MV was ready, which, by what the manager said, would be like a day, since the pranksters would need to practice with new kid, to not trip over each other when filming started. Out of all of us, why did it have to be those two?

“I hope they don’t scare him off,” thought Kyuhyun when the manager told them.

They had known that the kid was in the apartment complex, but were forbidden to go and search of the kid. Since they wanted everyone to meet him all at once, like they did with him, but it couldn’t be helped that those two had to meet up with him first. So when the two came back from their first practice meeting, you know who was in the spot light that night.

“So, what was he like,” asked Ryeowook, trying not to sound too excited, but failed.

Everyone turned their eyes on Eunhyuk, and Donghae when they heard this question, each wanting to know too.

Me? I was at the computer looking up more thing over “X-Japan,” but was still keeping my ear open to the details. Kibum, seemed to be doing the same at the couch, while “reading” his book.

“Umm,” started Donghae, before glancing at Eunhyuk and smiling, “Later, Hyukkie and I are sweaty and want to take a bath.” Having said that quickly grabbed Eunhyuk’s arm and dragged him to the bath room with a line of Suju chasing after them with the details.

To at the least, Kyuhyun had figured they would do that, and guessed, Kibum did too, he IS the smart one. Well, as I blocked out my crazy hyung banging on the door, I continued my look for more of that song. I heard the piano version from many other people already, and it was kind getting a little boring. So he started to just type in random little instrument with the title “Tears” with it. When he typed “Tears Violin”.

“Nothing will come up like with everything else,” he thought as he pressed search.

But to his surprise, something did come up…but it looked like a weird talent show type thing and didn’t know if it was worth clicking on. But after looking through the rest of the other videos that showed up with the keywords, it would seem that would be the only one with the most possibility of being what he really was looking for. He clicked it, and didn’t even know what hit him.

Kyuhyun stared in awe. The video was a duet thing with the piano and violin, and it was the most beautiful thing that he had heard. The violin was played with such emotion and Kyuhyun couldn’t help but sing with it. Not only did it captivate him but everyone else in the room too, including Kibum, since he was right behind Kyuhyun watching the video that Kyuhyun had put on repeat.

“Kyu…who is that,” asked Sungmin, staring like the rest of them.

“I don’t know…,” replied Kyuhyun, “I can’t read it, completely, but Kibum-hyung might.”

Everyone turned and looked to Kibum for the answer.

Kibum was a little bit shocked to see that all the attention was pointed to him in that short time, it was really sudden.

“Um…,” started Kibum, he glanced over the description, “Umm what I get is that his name is Henry.”


“Yeah,” said Kibum… not really caring how they say it since it’s not like they were going to meet the kid anyways. But none of them heard in the end, when Henry was done. “Good luck in Korea.”
KyuHyun Singing Tears - X Japan

Henry Playing Tears - X Japan

^^ Ummm there is more to it…but I think I want to make at least two chapters to this fic. ^^
I’ll type the rest later I have to go now sooo…laters