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Title: Onigokko Anniversary
Chapter Summary:
Summary: It seemed like an everyday game of Onigokko for Ya-Ya-yah and the few NewS members. Until it ended and one of them was missing.
Pairing: Mainly Yabu and Shoon (others one the side if you look…)
Rating: PG-13...maybe no clue but there is some violence -_____- ;;;;
Disclaimer: I am not selling this to anyone. This is for my own amusement, and for those that would like to read this….and I don’t own anyone in this fic…..ya no one…..*goes into a corner*
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Yabu woke up with a start. He was in a white room, not knowing what happened.

“Finally awake I see,” said a voice to his right.

Turning he signed.

“What thought I was going to be Shoon or something,” laughed out Hikaru.

Yabu almost yelled at him for that but Hikaru continued with a frown, “Why did you go and do something like that? You where almost killed, Yabu,” tears where forming, “It was enough that Shoon disappeared, I don’t know what we would have done if you gone and gotten killed.”

Yabu had nothing to say to that.

“You’re just lucky we could hear everything from that tracking device,” finished Hikaru as he wiped his face, “Shoon’s okay by the way.

Yabu signed with relief, he sank back in the pillows on the hospital bed.

“By the way, the doctors said that you could leave when your parents came…,” Hikaru said looking away.

Yabu tensed at that, “Mom knows what I did…?”

Hikaru bit his lip, “Sorry Yabu…but your mom can be scary at times….did you know that?”

Yabu could only pale at that, as the door to the room opened to the last person he would like to see at that moment, “um….hey mom….,” Yabu forced out before the yelling.


It had been 12 hours since the capture of Hoshino and the saving of Shoon, from the hell that he was living. Yabu was up in a flash when the sun came into the room. He ran around his room trying to find clean clothes. Finally dressed Yabu dashed down, grabbed a piece of toast before running out to the hospital to see the one that he loved.

Running pass all the stores, something in the corner of his eye caught a something, making him stop instantly, almost making him fall. Just inside of the store Yabu spotted a pendent, and it was beautiful, a heart, with a star inside, with two intertwine wings hanging from the heart. Quickly slipping into the store he asked how much that pendent would be. Luckily he had remembered to bring his wallet, hopping he had enough money for it. The clerk informs him that the pendent is on sell and is the last one of its kind. Not even thinking about the hole that the price would burn in his wallet, even with the sell, he buys it, thanking the store clerk, he continued his rush to the hospital. If it wasn’t for his mother coming to pick him up when he woken up yesterday he would have stayed at the hospital next to Shoon, waiting for him to wake up. Not only that, but to be also the first person that Shoon sees when he wakes up, as corny as that sounds, but what can he say, he loves the boy.

It didn’t take long after that little trip that he was finally at the hospital, rushing in, he cause many of the nurses and doctors to yell at him for running in the hospital, after making sure nothing was wrong of course. After being told off again from running, he asked where he would have able to see Shoon. The nurse frowned at that, since she had just gotten done telling him off for running.

“Well, only if you promise not to run anymore in the hall, will I tell you.”

Quickly nodding his head, and saying “yes”, the nurse smiled and told him the room number. Keeping his promise, he didn’t run, but speed walked to the room, mumbling the number over and over as he passed each room. He almost over looked it when he finally reached it, but as he stood outside of that door, Yabu realized that he didn’t know what he was going to say once he went in the room. Standing frozen to the spot, going over and revising what he was going to start out saying, that he didn’t notice the nurse that was right behind him waiting for him to open the door.

“Um…excuse me sir, but are you going to enter? Or am I going to have to ask you to move just so I can check up on Yamashita-san?”

Snapping out of his little world Yabu moved aside for the nurse to be by, bowing and saying ‘sorry’ for blocking her from doing her job. Once the nurse opened the door Yabu peeked inside to get a look at Shoon. What he saw was Shoon’s sleeping face. Not something that you saw that often when they were ever shooting. Sure they would catch him sleeping on the couch in the dressing room, but would never be able to see the face of Shoon while sleeping. Always having something over his face, be it his arm, book, or jacket, you wouldn’t be able to even sneak a look for just moving the object would just wake him up. But seeing that Shoon was asleep, Yabu followed the nurse in.

The nurse just smiled when she notice that he was in the room. “So are you a friend of Yamashita-san,” the nurse asked as she took Shoon’s temperature, and what-not.

Yabu jumped at the sudden voice of the nurse, once again. Blushing Yabu replied in telling her that they were co-workers and the best of friends.

The nurse could only smile at that in the end, finishing up her check up on Shoon, she left quickly smiling as she passed Yabu, “behave and don’t make any noise.

Yabu blush a deep red after the nurse left…was it really that obvious that he liked the sleeping boy? Judging by the way that he nurse had been glancing between him and Shoon was enough to answer that really after giving it a thought. Sighing Yabu pulled up a chair to sit next to Shoon. Before when he came to “rescue” him he didn’t really get a good look at him, how his condition was really, but as he continued to stare and analyze the face of his love he noticed the dark circles under his eyes. While working at Johnny’s they all had these but the ones on Shoon now showed the abuse and the physical damage that Hoshino had caused with his transformation drug. Just thinking about Hoshino made Yabu mad, lost in thought he didn’t notice Shoon had woken up at the sound of Yabu huffing.

Shoon blinked a few times before his vision cleared. It had felt like a dream that he was kidnapped but he knew deep down that it wasn’t. It was only now, in the hospital bed that really triggered of relief of being out of that dark room. The white walls did hurt his eyes but the sight of Yabu by his bed made the room vanished. How many times did he call out to him while trapped in his body he wasn’t sure. But he could only sigh in relief of being next to the one he truly cared for.

The sound of a sigh reached Yabu’s ears. Snapping out of his rage he turned toward the sigh, only to meet the shining eyes of his love. Yabu could only silently gasp at the liveliness of the eyes before him. Not knowing what to do, Yabu reached up to grab the back of Shoon’s head pulling it close to his face. Once Shoon was close enough he placed his forehead against Shoon’s, “I thought I had lost you before I could tell you something very important.”

Shoon had gasp at the sudden touch from Yabu but hearing what Yabu was saying made his heart speed up. ‘It’s impossible… did Yabu feel the same way as he did? Was this even possible?’ The next words that came out of Yabu’s mouth just confirmed his suspicion.

“Don’t you ever leave my side again Shoon… You can’t understand the pain that I had went through in trying to get you back… I don’t know if you feel the same way as I do… but you disappearing only make my feelings intensify. The thought of losing you made my heart hurt. Shoon do you understand what I’m trying to tell you,” Yabu said looking into Shoon’s eyes, “I love you.”

Those three words, just those three words were all that Shoon needed. Shoon closed his eyes, rubbing his forehead against Yabu, tears began to fall, “Yabu you’re so silly… I love you too.”

Yabu could only laugh. Looking into the eyes of his new found lover, hand still on the back of Shoon’s head, Yabu brought his lips to Shoon in a small kiss. Shoon on the other hand had other plans. Yabu didn’t know just how long Shoon has been waiting for this moment. Taking control of the kiss Yabu could only gasp wide eyed at the strength of Shoon at that moment. Taking advantage of the gasp, Shoon slipped his tongue in, making Yabu change from shocked to moaning into the kiss. Shoon could only grin at the sound and vibration of Yabu. Yabu not used to Shoon’s aggressiveness was shocked, but that shock had turn into arousal in the end. Shoon grinned into the kiss knowing exactly what he was doing to Yabu, wanting to reach toward Yabu Shoon began to realize just how tired he was. Pulling away from Yabu, Yabu was quick to try to follow, chuckling Shoon says, “Did you enjoy yourself?”

Yabu glanced down to his lap before looking towards Shoon’s, grinning himself, “I did but it seems I wasn’t alone.” Shoon could only grin, but before he could say anything more, the hospital door burst open. Shoon quickly moved a pillow to his lap, smiling to the group that walked through the door. Glancing at Yabu, who now had a very red face, winked, promising that this wasn’t over between them. Noticing the wink Yabu could only blush even more, the thoughts that was going through his head was very much M rated.
Waaaaahhhh >.> yeah I don’t have any words for this fic… I’ve wanted to finish it and it’s been about 5 years or so since I had last posted anything for this fic or any fics that I have been doing… Well here is this last chapter for you guys. It was a great trip with Onigokko.

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Jan. 23rd, 2015 05:35 am (UTC)
It's been so long I almost forgot about this story! Actually I don't really rmb the plot since it's been a while before I last read this, so I'm going to re-read the whole fic again.
Anyway, thanks for finishing this fic!!
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