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Title: Together with Song
Pair(s): KyuRy…and maybe others if you look…
Rate: PG-13 maybe….really bad at rating
Disclaimer: I do not own anyone in this fic...>.> and I do not own the lyrics to the song Tears...I only own the song...as a mp3...for my zune....>.> I own the idea of this fic though ^^'
Summary: A song that bought two unlikely people together. One not even knowing, that it would end up like it would when they do finally meet.
Author Notes: This is my second Suju fic…^^ …and I’m sorry if there is any OCness of the characters…*coughkyucough*
So I thought I could make this into just a one shot thing…but it didn’t seem like last night I could finish everything in one night…since I started school again and it was late and I needed to sleep and to be able to post a fic today…well I had to that night before 12. lol
Thanks for the comments on the last chapter… and I hope this chapter can live up to your standards and all >.< Enjoy
Here’s Tears - Xjapan if you want to have it…

Everyone was still crowed around the comp by the time the EunHae pair had finally came out of the bathroom.

Hae was a little bit sad that they didn’t stay at the door waiting on him, and Eunhyuk to finally tell them about the New Kid…

“Well I guess they didn’t really want to know about the new kid then,” yelled/said Donghae to get everyone’s attention, which worked, “Come on Hyukkie I’m tired and want to sleep.”

Donghae was about to drag Eunhyuk once again with him…when someone tug on the other side of Eunhyuk, making both of them stop. Eunhyuk being like the rope between the two.

“Hyung,” started Ryeowook doing the most powerful puppy dog pout ever seen that even Donghae couldn’t look away from, “Please, tell us.”

Eunhyuk even though the eyes weren’t aimed at him, he broke, with Donghae not too long from him.

Playing it cool, Donghae explain how the new kid was,
“Well he was…interesting,” smiled Donghae, “his cheeks makes you want to pinch them.”

“They made me hungry…,” said Eunhyuk imagining those cheeks.


Shocked Eunhyuk looked to the shocked faces in front of him.
“Well…they look like mochi buns…..”

A chorus of ‘ahs’ where heard…but they didn’t truly understand what they had meant…this only made them more curious about what he looked like.

“So…then what does the kid look like,” asked Kangin, the fact that they know was killing him.

But all he got was Donghae and Eunhyuk running back to the room. With the other members running after them trying to get the answers out of them.

Kyuhyun just sat there, staring after everyone else…Sure he was interested in the new kid…but…before he could finish that thought his stomach gave a growl. Glancing at the clock, seems that it had been a while since he had something to eat.

Since Kibum was the only one in the room at the time, he informed him that he was going to get something to eat, as he picked up his jacket off the couch.

Kibum only nodded and asked if he could get a little snack for him too. Kyu, waved that he heard him, and left through the door, while picking up the keys to the apartment.

As he left all he could think about was the video that he found on the internet. Of course he had saved it in his favorites. But he still couldn’t believe what he had heard. Even though he saw it was his eyes, it didn’t seem real. Can’t you lip-synch a violin? What? You never know…

Kyuhyun continued his journey to the nearest market store for food. It didn’t really take all that long. Not forgetting food for Kibum, Kyu completed his mission for food. As he walked back to the apartment, he passed by the dance studio, the place that Eunhyuk-hyung and Donghae-hyung went to, to practice with the new kid.

“…Kibum can wait a little bit…”, said Kyuhyun as he entered the studio.

Kyuhyun didn’t know why he went in, it’s just…like something was calling him in. Before he didn’t even look at the studio when he passed the first time, thinking about the video and his stomach it made sense, but now that he had the food, he took notice of the studio that seemed to be calling to him. As he walked through the studio it was really quiet.

“Oh course no one would be here at this time,” stated Kyuhyun to himself as he looked to his watch on his wrist.

He was about to turn around to go back to the entrance, when he thought he heard a sound. He stopped for a moment, and heard it again. Quickly turning around, his eyes grew as he listened more. It was the song, Tears. Quickly but as silently as he could ran around the studio trying to find the source of the music that he just heard not to long ago on the computer. After listening trying to find the source he had finally found it. Even though it was in the middle of the song, it was the same. The exact same as the one on the computer only…it sounded much better, more full. Like it was played/practiced for a long time now, or in other words, more mature, in a way.

Not wanting to take the risk of being seen, Kyuhyun stayed near the door, in shadows. Never peeking in, even though the curiosity was just killing him to want to look and see who this mysterious violin player was.

The was nearing it’s peek, and Kyuhyun couldn’t help but hum to the tune. The tune that has been hunting him ever since he had first heard it. But as he listened that hummed tune, soon turned to singing. Kyuhyun sang along with the violin. Making a perfect pair with high and low notes.

“Dry you tears with love,” Kyuhyun sang pretty loudly, making him come out of his trance like state with the singing and listening to the violin.

He slapped his hand to his mouth, hoping the violinist didn’t hear him just now. But it seemed luck wasn’t on his side at the moment. Cause not long after he had slapped his hand over his mouth, the violin stopped playing, and the sounds of foot steps were heard, approaching the door, getting louder with each step closer.

“Who’s there?

It startled Kyuhyun to hear a different language come out of the mysterious person in the room. But the voice sounded make, so he know the gender of the person…, at least. But Kyuhyun quickly snapped out of it, when he saw a shadow come across the opening to the room, and ran from his side of the door. Not really caring how loud he was running in the studio. Just that he needed to not get caught. Though he was still curious about the violinist. Kyu took one final glanced behind him, only to see the outline of, what looked like a boyish figure. The figure, looked to be reaching out, calling out to him, but it was blocked out with only the thought to get away. As he reached the front , he didn’t stop them, but ran around the corner just in case they took chase after him.

Kyuhyun waited a few minutes before he stepped out of the ally-way that he was hiding in. The only that was running through his head now, was just the beauty of the song, and the name of the violinist on the computer.



>.< I wanted to finish this yesterday…but then by the time I was halfway through I notice what time it was…and well…I forgot about all the homework that I had to do for the night…sooo… here’s the story today X3
I think the next chapter will be with Henry’s pov. XP But I don’t know… lol
I hope this was to your liking and that you enjoyed it.



Sep. 2nd, 2008 05:24 pm (UTC)
oh!!!! i love it! would kyuhyun say "hen-li" though instead of "henry"?
Sep. 2nd, 2008 08:54 pm (UTC)
well you see, there's a reason to that. Like the others just said "Hen-li" but Kyuhyun was listening to Kibum when he said it and took notice of how it was to be said and all... if that makes sense. -_-;
Sep. 3rd, 2008 01:25 am (UTC)
oh.....lol...oh.... nice.. making kyuhyun fall hard eh? lol