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Together with Song Chapter three

Title: Together with Song
Pair(s): KyuRy…and maybe others if you look…
Rate: PG-13 maybe….really bad at rating
Summary A song that bought two unlikely people together. One not even knowing, that it would end up like it would when they do finally meet.
Author Notes: This is my second Suju fic…^^ …and I’m sorry if there is any OCness of the characters…*coughkyuandhenrycough*
Chapter one | Chapter two

It took him awhile since he had a lot on his mind, cause by the time he arrived to the apartment, almost everyone was sleeping. It was pretty late when he left to get food. Apologizing to Kibum-hyung for being so late with the food, Kibum didn’t really mind and explain what had happened when he left.
The rest of the members had tried to get information out of the two pranksters before, but failed. However while Kyuhyun was out, it seemed that Kangin broke into their rooms and well…scared the information out of them. Not really. Eunhyuk…with Donghae pushing him towards the group hungry for info mob in front of their door, explained the manager said that they weren’t aloud to tell the other members anything about the kid. Just that his cheeks were really pinch able, and that he was going to be the youngest, once he meets everyone. And before Kangin could force anything else out the two, Leeteuk stepped in and push the others out of the room, winking to the two scared in the room.

~~~~~~~~~~End of Flashback~~~~~~~~

Kyuhyun chuckled at the end of Kibum’s little story. But couldn’t really put that much emotion behind it. He was really tired. He had forgotten what the doctor had told them, about running around.

Kibum knew about the warning that the doctor told Kyuhyun, but the doctor also said that they should give Kyuhyun space to do things, but not too much that it would put a strain on him. So going out for a little walk to the marketplace wouldn’t hurt Kyuhyun. Though Kibum didn’t know that Kyuhyun had done some running around in the dance studio trying to find a source of music, then running away when he was caught listening in. So when he notice Kyuhyun’s less emotional laugh, he wanted to ask about what that was about.

“Kyuhyun? Are you ok,” Kibum asked looking, at Kyuhyun very closely.

Kyuhyun’s eyes widen, and quickly replied that nothing wrong while turning to put away he jacket, and to go straight to computer.

Kibum could only frown to that. Now he knew Kyuhyun did something to strain his body. But decided to not bring the subject up again, and wait when Kyuhyun would be ready to tell him instead. Since he didn’t seem all that important. For all he would know, Kyuhyun was tired cause he had ran to the apartment after seeing how long he took in the marketplace, and was just tired cause of that. What Kibum doesn’t know wouldn’t hurt him.

Kyuhyun did a small sigh, so that Kibum wouldn’t hear him at the computer. While eating his little snack to get him through the night, he started to look up more things about this mysterious violinist that he just learned the name of.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~With Henry’s pov~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

To say, Henry was just terrified to be here…sure he was excited, but he was just really, really, really scared is all. He had been there for a week now, but still hasn’t seen even one of the members that he would be “joining”. He asked his teacher ,that he had been going to every Tuesday and Thursday to learn Korean, why he wasn’t able to see his “band mates” yet. But wouldn’t get an answer until he had said it in choppy Korean, it worked. He learned that the manager said that he was to not see anyone of Super Junior until it was the right time. Though what time that would be, Henry had no clue what-so-ever. But he had heard…or what he could make out that he was going to have to practice a song soon. Yes, he had eavesdropped on the manager and the teacher, planning around his schedule for class. And he thought that he was through with classes and school, guess that wasn’t going to happen.

“Ah~h, I want to play my violin…” sighed Henry while the teacher was out of the room once again. Lately the teacher has been leave him in the room alone for a long period of time. He didn’t dare to get out of his seat though because that teacher can be kinda scary when it comes down to it.

As he went through everything that the teacher told him to go over, the door suddenly slammed open, making Henry squeak with the sudden noise in the room. Everything happened so fast. He was just in a room with books at over the place when suddenly he was pushed into a car, with a familiar case in his lap. After a few minutes of being a little confuse he figured outfinally that it was his manager that stole him away from his studying, and that he case in his lap was his violin. He frowned, when he realized this. Hugging his violin case he apologized for not recognizing her. From the front of the car, the manager laughed at the cuteness that was Henry. Hopefully the other members will think that he was cute too…and learn to bring him into the Suju family.

“Hyung? Where are you taking me,” said Henry, breaking the manager’s thoughts.

“Hmm? Oh, I think it’s time for you to meet your band members now,” smile the manager as he glanced that Henry in the rear view mirror, watching Henry’s reaction to what he just said, and it was worth it.

Henry was speechless at that. Hyung was taking him to see the others…and without letting him know!!

“Are you joking,” Henry asked nervously

The manager’s smile only grew with that, and shook his head to Henry, making his eyes only grow larger…if that was even possible.

Henry started to go into a mumble of Korean, the little Chinese, and English that he knew, complaining to hyung how he wasn’t ready and how he should have told him about it so that he could get mentally prepared for meeting Super Junior.

As Henry rambled on, and on, the manager only chuckled, making Henry come out of this little rant. Henry stared at this hyung, wondering why he was doing this to him, only making him laugh even more with the face that he was making.

“Henry, you’re just too cute,” the manager smiled again, “you’ll do fine, with the way that you are. Plus you’re only meeting two of the thirteen of them anyways.”

“oh…,” started Henry only for something to click in his head, “OH, you mean that we’ll be practicing together, for that solo I have in their new song!”

Henry’s eyes sparkled with that thought, he can show off his violin skills to his hyungs, even though it’s only going to be two of the thirteen, it was good enough. Henry could only smile at his thoughts, when they arrived at the dance studio that wasn’t too far from the apartment complexes that he and Suju were staying at. Henry knew about this, cause he would go down to this studio when he wants to get away from the thought that he was far from his family and friends, in Canada. Playing his violin would help in connecting him with them, making him remember all the things that they all had done for him when he was playing his violin. Even when he was worried about how his Hyungs would think about him when they finally meet his would go here to practice the song what he would have to play during the MV. Hopefully he wouldn’t mess up while being with his two Hyungs. He recalled that he would be dancing Eunhyuk, and Donghae during this “solo” he had.

While Henry was thinking about the “what-ifs” that could happen during this time, manager was trying to open the door to the car for Henry to get out, since it didn’t seem he was going to get Henry out by calling out to him. He was just in his little own world. Finally opening the door, he reached in and pulled Henry out of the car, who finally woke from his little world, and apologizing to him for that. However the manager wasn’t really listening to Henry just busy trying to get Henry to the room, it would seem that they were late or something.

When they got there…the room was completely empty…or so it seemed. But before Henry could comment on that matter, the manager disappeared. Henry was surprised at that, usually hyung would stay with him when he met with someone new, but that didn’t seem like the case this time. Shrugging the funny feeling that he was being watched, he got his violin out. It wouldn’t hurt to play around while he waited for the other two to get there, now would it? Plus it’s been a while since he had played that song.

Tuning his baby here and there he was finally ready to play it, Tears. Moving around the room, dancing to the song that he so loved. It had been awhile since he had so much fun. When the song ended, he heard movement from behind him. Instead of turning around, he kept his eyes to the back corner of the room in the mirrors that where in front of him. He stood there looking at that corner with the mats. He could feel it, someone or something was back there. It took awhile but the mats are started to move. Turning around, Henry backed far away from the mats.

“What are you do doing,” the mats started to speak.

Henry stared at the mats for awhile, eyes wide with fear. Didn’t he hear something about a dance room being hunted, from the other trainees in the class room…but before he could think anymore about the subject, the mats once again started to talk again.

“Stop, he’s going to notice us!”

“You’re the one that should shut up, quit moving your going to make us FALLL!”

After that last sentence, the mats spat out two bodies, making Henry slam into the mirrors, surprising the mirrors didn’t break with the force. Two head shot up when they heard the sound, looking worried at first but that face of worry slowly turned to one of silly fools, after seeing that he boy wasn’t hurt.

“Uh, Hi?”

Henry’s mind was totally blank right now. Just now, two bodies came flying out mats that were laying in the corner, something that you don’t experience everyday for that matter. Shaking out of his blankness, from the voice of one of the mat peoples, did a small smile. But what he wasn’t expecting was the mat people to pounce of him…well his cheeks really.

“Seeeeee, I told you, they are squishy like mochi buns,” said mat person one.

“Ok ok, you win this time,” said mat person two, who was still poking at his cheeks, “they’re so white…”

“Ummm,” was all Henry could get out, it wasn’t everyday that two random people pinch and poked at his cheeks either…though it wouldn’t be the first time someone did…

“OH,” exclaimed mat person one, “ummm… sorry? We’re Eunhae, or,” mat person pointed to himself, “Eunhyuk, and Donghae,” he finished pointing at mat person two.

Ohhhhh, so these are the people that he was going to practice with…but why were they hiding behind the mats…

“Umm M-my n-name is Henry,” Henry managed to get out with the little Korean that he had learned, “I-it’s nice to m-meet you.”

“KYAAAAAA He’s sooo cute,” yelled the one that was called Donghae, “Eunhyuk can we keep him???”


After that awkward meeting they got down to business, practicing for the Don Don MV. Which was kinda hard, since, before Donghae and Eunhyuk had been practicing without him, so when they all did it together, once or twice both Donghae or Eunhyuk would almost get hit in the head, with the violin that Henry was playing while dancing. However after just a few more hours of practicing, with breaks in between of course, they pretty much got it all down. By the time they knew it, it was time for them to leave to the apartment, just a little walk. The Eunhae pair was waiting for the little one, when Henry said that they could go on ahead, he wanted to play a little bit more. Hesitating a little bit, they said their ‘good-byes’, and Donghae saying not to work too hard, they left Henry to his thoughts.

Sighing with relief, Henry smiled, he really liked those two hyungs, even though they were a little crazy they were interesting. He sat down to rest from all the playing and dancing that he just did. Those two have soo much energy, it’s crazy. Grabbing the water that they all had gotten at the supermarket for one of their break, took a long drink. Finishing the rest of the drink, grabbed up his violin that he had put away.

“It wouldn’t hurt to just play one more song,” smiled Henry looking at his precious girl. Once again starting that he had been obsessing over, ever since he learned how to play it. Moving around, concentrating on the music, he never once heard the noise of someone running through the building, or the slams some of the doors, being opened and closed. Too focused to get the right notes out, and the pitch to be just right, to his liking. Henry started to hum the lyrics to the song.

“Dry your tears with love.”

Henry quickly stopped playing, he was sure he had heard the lyrics to Tears just now, he called, not meaning to in English, “Who’s there?”

Walking to the door, which he notice was cracked open a little bit, to the dark hallway, he slowly opened the door. Only to have a shadow run by the door. It freak him out a little bit, but he really wanted to know who it was that was listening to him play Tears, and for that someone to even know the lyrics made him even more curious, of this singer. He called out saying wait, but the only response that he got was the figure looking back, and out of sight.

Henry sighed, when he lost sight of the mysterious figure, that sang Tears. He was a little disappointed that he had missed the chance of having a new friend, outside of those in Suju.

Taking his time, since it would be cold outside since it’s so late, gathered his things and left. Turning off all the lights, he took one last look to the dance room, and smiled. He would be meet the rest of Super Junior soon. With that thought in his head he left, the room, and the building. Going home to those apartment buildings, where he would be so close to his soon to be hyungs, but yet…he was so far from all of them.


AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I’m soooooooo sorry, it might become a habit since I have school now, and it’s getting crazy…but project after projects that I had/have to do. I hope this will satisfy you guys till the next chapter…hopefully…maybe….*crosses fingers* I’ll try my best to get to next one out…but I can’t make any promises…-_- I hope you enjoyed this chapter of Together With Song. ^^;



May. 15th, 2011 09:51 am (UTC)
Hiiiiiii, will u be updating this fic? I really wanna see what happens next...